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Hey remember this guy? Look what else he can do!

Do you remember this guy from a previous blog post?  Well underneath all the motocross gear is quite an artist! CaseyView full post »

4th of July – An emotional tribute to my fallen friend and his family

Earlier this year a best friend of mine lost his life on the job in Baghdad. Once a soldier in the Air Force years ago,View full post »

Changing things up a bit . . . . A Motocross shoot

I would like to introduce you to Casey Hart. He has been riding motocross since he could just about walk. I met himView full post »

Ever wonder what it is like to be a PRO photographer?

If you are a professional photographer then you will find much about Zach Arais’ words truly revealing aboutView full post »

Karen and Chris had their baby! It’s a . . . . . .

On February 9th at around 12:38 Karen gave birth to a 6 pounds 6 oz. baby BOY!  Jude Larsen Hanchey is cute as everView full post »

A very big announcement, a television debut for KB!

Tune in this Sunday night December 21st at 9:00c  (We network) on the program WEDDING CENTRAL (Episode 4 fromView full post »