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Another Sweet home Alabama Wedding – Lauren and Matt

Shelby Alabama to be exact. My family and I traveled to Birmingham and then to Shelby to photograph Lauren andView full post »

Inspiration . . . you never know from where it will come from

I was trying to shoot some unique angles of Amanda getting ready and I guess I got a little carried away and tossed theView full post »

For the best shots . . .

Sometimes to pull off the best shots you really have to have help. On this occasion, WHITNEY AND JON’s weddingView full post »

Amy and Ben’s Reception

I never thought I would have to split up a blog post due to too many images being posted. EnjoyView full post »

A Jackson Mississippi wedding like none other before it. Look for this wedding to be featured on the WE network – Amy Neel and Ben Boteler

Elegance and beauty everywhere you look! This wedding had so many wonderful characteristics that made it simplyView full post »

The second annual Squire Creek Bridal show

Last Saturday I had a chance to shot some fun stuff at the always classy, SQUIRE CREEK bridal show. I got to shoot someView full post »