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Tim and Megan’s Florida Beach (Bradenton Beach) Wedding

This was a favorite I wanted to show you from Tim and Megan’s Wedding. Though it was posed, I loved the impact!View full post »

Lucas and Ragan’s North West Shreveport (Oil City) wedding

Sorry for the long delay in between posts! – KB Can’t go wrong with a cool technical shot of Magan lookingView full post »

A Ruston Louisiana wedding from 2009 (an exert from Caroline and Will’s wedding)

I came across this image, and though I shot it over a year ago, it personifies Wedding Photojournalism so well I had toView full post »

My client’s glass of champaign (a detail from Lucas and Ragan’s wedding) !

During Regan and Lucas’ wedding in Shreveport this past Saturday, I had a brief opportunity to photograph some ofView full post »