KB | and the KBP team


#NOTASOLOACT I would never say that I do all this all on my own, especially at this level. For twenty-five years, I have had the great pleasure of working with a wonderful group of awesome keen-eyed teammates. We're honored to be the ones to take care of you through the entire shooting process and to make sure your images are as wonderful and accurate as possible. They are vital in helping me produce the wonderful images we create for you!

Wedding Photography

from a photojournalist's perspective


Born and raised in a suburb of New Orleans, Kevin is familiar with photographing the beloved culture and people that make up this beautiful state. For twenty-five years, he has documented weddings through an intentional approach referred to as wedding photojournalism. Instead of telling you and making you do, as a journalist, he documents and records. He has a special sensitivity to not only record the moment in time, but also capture the emotional impact of the exact moment the image was taken.


talented • ready to love on your images

Our team is compromised of several talented photographers and videographers, a wonderful office manager, a special group of ladies that process and perform QC on every image we produce, and lastly shooting assistants that make the lighting as beautiful as possible for you during your photography session.