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SENIOR PORTRAITS | Sessions $100,$175,$225

outdoors •exciting • creative

Every student has a special look with special talents. I use photography and hand picked locations that bring out each student’s talent, ability, and look. Together we shoot images in a way that is exciting, fun, and enjoyable.


one of a kind • etherial • weightless

Pregnancy is an amazing gift and transformation from God and I believe I have created the most dramatic way to express it in an image with Underwater Maternity.
It is rare to create an original idea or concept, but in 2007 after photographing my first underwater maternity session for Suzanne, I discovered that I had in fact photographed the first ever underwater maternity image!
I chose the medium of water to truly show the magnificence of pregnancy.

FAMILY & CHILDREN | Sessions $125

outdoors • classic • timeless


CREATIVE | Session $225

art • create • carefree

Looking to try something unique? A creative session may be what you're looking for. Unlike other more posed photographic sessions, a creative session is different. The goal is to search for the unique in poses and outfit design and build upon it. Movement and vibe is key.

STUDIO | Sessions $100

professional •headshots • lighting

Every professional in every industry needs a professional image to represent them. The proper pose, lighting, and backdrop are critical. We can provide the best conditions in our studio to compliment your needs.

UNDERWATER | Session $300

mermaids • waves • bubbles

Hold your breath and just keep swimming. Want to see what can happens when you dunk a cool dress or outfit? Then an underwater session may be the experience you are looking for!

MATERNITY | Session $300

outdoors •baby bump • mommy to be

The best time to photograph your maternity session is when you are at least 6-7 months along. We will have fun and dad should join in for some of the fun. We recommend at least two different outfits.