Used film . . . . .

Saw the title to this photographer’s (Zach Arias) company’s name (usedfilmstudios) and was blown away at its meaning.  I used to shoot with  film and I loved it.  It was simple, predictable, and I worked a lot less using it too! Now most practicing photographers entering the market today have not shot film. To them film was a past time that does not concern them today.  They are digital.  I still have loads of film sitting in my fridge here at the office.  It has been there since my hand was forced to shoot digital back in 2006.  I miss many things about film, but mostly I miss the era we used it in.  It is an era in the past now.  It was my life in many ways and now it is gone semingly never to be remembered, but I remember and this amazing video brought it all back to me.

Technology has expanded photography in many ways, but it has also displaced much of its rich history.  Doing it cheaper and faster has become the norm, leaving little to do about the art of creating a shot or the art of producing a great printed image.  May this video remind all of us how things were done in the past, including the incredible art of painting images on buildings! May this art form remain as I hope photography and film does also.

To see Jon’s video in HQ click this link.

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

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